FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (21)

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Defensive articles

Forced to force

In the ball of the ball, I mentioned “FIFA18” enhanced body collision system.

Now the defensive player directly hit the ball with the player’s position, you can rely on physical advantage will attack the players broke open, so grab the ball.

The force of the practice is very simple, when you as a defensive player close to the offensive player, the first close to each other, the formation of entangled trend, when you determine the other side of the running trend (non-ball trend), you directly hold down the B key (probably To maintain a 1 second, rather than an instant steals the click B key), this time you will use the body to hit each other.

In the previous version, the referee may be penalized, but in the “FIFA18” which, the referee on the forced behavior will not care, so that in addition to your close defense, interception, flying shovel, grab, you also more An effective means of defense, and forced to fail, it will not be like an interception, Fei shovel that led you to dislocation serious.

Force forced, you are just running the same run more than a step look like, forced to immediately after the failure to recover the opponent is Zhuo Zhuo more than.

Restricted area

Many players who are opponents into the restricted area, to carry out the defense will be rush.

In fact, the defense work within the restricted area is very simple, you only need to pay attention to each other’s passing line, shooting routes, and then there may be passing, shot the line to block.

In other words, that is, you go to the right point is enough, no need to block, tackle the ball.

The player’s body to block the route, it may lead to the other pass, shot when the mistakes, then the other will be without success. Plus the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players automatically make a reasonable interception, tackle action, so you do not have to worry about the action, and you have to do is to do a good defense to walk.

Further explain the “blocking” the effective distance, blocking the above mentioned is to seal the pass and shoot the line, and when you get closer to the ball players, the success rate of blocking even more on the other players The interference is greater, in the restricted area defense, you may wish to make a close control of the defensive strategy, but remember not to run as a footsteps to move, just move the left joystick can be.

If the game opened the “handball”, then in the restricted area when the block, remember to hold down the LT key, you can now control the player to put his arms behind, so that the ball will not play because of the other close In the hands of your players.


Grab the need for you close to your opponent, press the B key to steal to steals.

Grab the equivalent of moderate defense means, once can not intercept down, it is likely to cause dislocation, but this dislocation is not too serious, but to catch up with the state of pressing to almost impossible, so can not intercept , You try to follow the ball player can, and then switch to other players to keep the defense.

The trick is to judge the other side of the action, to the footsteps of the location of the interception, in fact, when you are close to the opponent when you can use the interception, try to steal the ball, press the B key can be drawn to pull or force action The

But you have to pay attention to is that if you are clear that they can not kick the ball, do not arbitrarily block, this will likely cause foul, especially in the restricted area inside.

A key to intercept

There is no player thought about using the “A key” as a short interception means?

In fact, this is a viable way, when the ball flew to you and the other players, you press A at this time, although it is regarded as a pass, but the passing of the other players will also be similar to the interception, the behavior of.

This kind of interception in the “FIFA17” before the referee will not be punished for such acts, but “FIFA18” chance to give a foul penalty, which is mainly to see the system to judge.

This interception is generally launched against each other when the ball, in the process of grabbing, you also need to consider the second placement.

This trick is very easy to use, not only to intercept, but also combined with the ball, you should be more use.


The difficulty of sliding shovel than other defensive means are much more difficult, the key is that you have a distance and speed on the pre-sentence.

The timing of the general interception is that you run with the ball players side by side, and the other side suddenly kick the ball from the foot (perhaps in order to accelerate or change), this time you move towards the direction of the other side of the ball flying shovel.

This is the way to determine the speed of shovels and force force is different, forced to chase the trend of the direction of the players, and the fly shovel is the ball. The reason is that if you fly shovel chasing people, it must be a foul (the following is a straight go to the flying shovel, unless it is deliberately foul, or do not recommend doing so).

Flying shovel mistakes, will inevitably cause a lot of loopholes in the rear, and back to the basic impossible, once the spade failure, you immediately switch players to make up the defense.

Goalkeeper welcome

When the other players singles, semi-single-pole, you can press the Y button to the goalkeeper welcome.

Goalkeeper welcome, you can let him out of the restricted area as a defender to use, but do not often do so, otherwise there will be opponents hanging the door of the danger.

When you release the Y key, the goalkeeper will retract according to their own, if you determine the other single, half a single pole when the threat, you have to hold down the Y key. (Click to buy fifa mobile points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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