FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (7)

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Coach pattern

Team Leader: Lead your favorite team, manipulate the team’s management and tactical use. You will be responsible for helping the team to accomplish different goals within the strategy and business skills.

Players career: to a young football genius began his career, and strive to climb in the football world, from the unknown to become a legendary club. Finally you can choose to retire and continue to be the team leader (when you play the player mode, you choose to retire, you can choose to become a coach).

Team management

The team basic information

When you choose a club, you can probably understand the club profile, board expectations, transfer budget, club value, home and away jerseys and home stadium names.

The most important of these information is the board’s expectations, transfer budget.

Board expectations: a ball will be on the local achievements, intercontinental performance, brand exposure, finance, youth army development requirements (expectations).

The so-called local achievements, generally refers to the local to play than (Derby) tournament; Intercontinental performance, that is, in the intercontinental tournament to obtain excellent results or to get to participate in the Intercontinental tournament qualification; brand exposure, FIFA17 and FIFA18 new Of the content, in fact, as long as your team can get good grades, many (virtual) media will first report to your team, the exposure will naturally increase;

Finance, this piece of content seems complex, in fact, very simple. The main financial project is actually only the transfer budget and operating budget, the transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other players, and the operating budget is to the players, employees pay wages, youth training, to maintain the club Daily operation.

Financial requirements are very high, it means that you have to save money, financial requirements are very low, then you can arbitrarily squandered;

Youth Army, which means that you have to cultivate a small club belonging to their own club, the practice is very simple, you can go to the youth training interface, arrange scouts to dig the ball can be. But should pay attention to, and youth training is to spend money, so to engage in youth when the team should be combined with the financial expectations of the implementation of the board.

Transfer budget: just mentioned in the expectations of the Board of Finance on the general about the transfer budget.

The transfer budget must be combined with the operating budget as a whole, both of which are complementary to the club’s finances, and the ratio between them will change as the transfer window opens / closes.

Transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other players of the club, and the operating budget is to the players, employees pay wages, youth training, to maintain the daily operation of the club.

Team report

The team report will respond to the team’s information.

Contract information: show the player contract expires the year, you have to catch the first half of this year to 1 year with the players to renew, otherwise the players can not renew the free body will leave the club.

Some players have reached a deal with other clubs, which will indicate that the player will join the other club after the expiration of the contract.

Injury conditions: no injury to the players, will indicate that you can participate in the game. If there is a wounded player, here will specify the player’s suffering area, and indicate the number of days or months need to stop injury.

Penalties: When the player gets a red card, it will specify the number of days the player needs to be suspended for the red card.

Some events will have a “cumulative yellow card” penalty, when the player in this event accumulated 2 or 3 yellow card on the need to suspend a rule, you can also see the appropriate information in the penalty situation.

Player performance: This shows the number of players participating in various events, the number of goals, the number of assists, the number of defenses, the number of red cards and (average) game scores.

Here, you are critical to the player’s average game score, you can understand the player’s overall performance.

Player Attribute Rating: You only need to select a player in the “Team Report” interface, then press the RB button, you can view the player’s all attribute score.

And in the property next to some “increase or decrease the number”, which means that players in the game, after training to enhance or cut the effect.

In general, participating in the game is to enhance the player’s overall score the best way to improve the player’s property score is the best way to participate in training.

Team lineup

Consolidated state: watch the player, you should pay attention to their comprehensive evaluation (ability), state, morale.

Enhance the three elements, the best way is of course to let them participate, and get the game victory.

Comprehensive evaluation of the promotion is mainly to see the potential of the players, young, high potential players, comprehensive evaluation of faster growth.

The state depends on the performance of each game, as long as the game victory, and the player on the spot score close to his comprehensive score divided by 10 values ​​(such as a person’s comprehensive score is 90, a game score of 9.0 or so, then his State must be “” or “↑”).

The player’s status has an impact on the performance of the field, the state of the players, catch the ball, passing, shooting, defense and so will do bit, and there will be excellent play. So you should always make a good player in the mall game.

Player morale, half of the results from the game, half is from your attitude to the players. The former is similar to the state, as long as the team achieved good results, the majority of the morale of the players will improve.

And sometimes the players will ask you, such as multi-point opportunities to play, need to rest, need to transfer, etc., if you do not agree or ignore the player’s request, then their morale will drop. Morale this ring on the team game, the operation will not cause a great impact, but in the morale of the players to renew, you will be more or less at a disadvantage.

So morale this part, you do not need to pay attention. After all, you do not like the players, you naturally will not meet his requirements.

For the location: the game will give each player the default location, you then combined with their usual foot, attack / defense efficiency can be arranged to give him some other suitable location.

“FIFA” with “PES” is different, FIFA is the player you can arrange the position, the players will not feel discomfort, the overall score does not rise the problem. So players can according to their own preferences to arrange the location.

Transfer / lease list

Transfer: When you have unwanted players, you have to wait for half a year or more in their contract period, it is necessary to consider selling the player.

Directly in the team center click on the player, and then choose to move to the transfer list, you can sell the player.

In general, the scout will remind you from time to time which player should be sold or accept the offer of other clubs.

If you do not need scouts of these reminders and suggestions, you can choose to “block the proposal” to close the scout’s transfer transaction notice.

Rent: Some players, they are relatively young and have a certain potential, but in your team can not hit the main force.

Then you can consider leasing them out to give these players a chance to increase the game and earn some of the rent, but you have to remember that the rental of the player’s salary is paid by you, so you’d better set the rent is the The player’s salary is doubled or more, so that the salary part is also passed on to the leased club, then you can earn benefits from it.

When the loan player’s strength to be significantly improved, you can recall him as your right player. Otherwise he sells directly near the expiration of the contract.

In addition, scouts and players will also give you a rental proposal, if you do not need these proposals, you can choose to “block the proposal” to close the rental notice.

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Contract negotiation

Renewal: players will only be in the contract for the remaining six months to 1 year will be willing to negotiate with you for more than 1 year, they refuse to negotiate.

Contract negotiation skills: At the beginning of the negotiations, the players will ask for some of their requests or their intentions.

Often, they are not considering retiring, and other clubs have reached a consensus on the case, you can meet their conditions with the players to renew the strategy.

Renewal must be “dead wrapped”, whenever the player to your renewal of the renewal (refused), you immediately with the lowest meet the conditions once again to the player to renew, until he promised so far. Remember, be sure to meet the player’s request (usually salary, contract period requirements).

In order to be able to meet the player’s salary conditions, you have to arrange your financial arrangements, in the renewal season, there must be sufficient funds to cope with the player’s salary soaring.


Overview: From the point of view, it is divided into income, income and expenses.

Revenue is mainly due to tournament admission fees, tournament bonuses, in other words, you try to get the most trophy a season, then you earn a lot of income.

Revenue is mainly due to transfer fees and rental fees, you can sell some of the players or rent out to earn income.

Expenditure is mainly concentrated in the transfer fee, players and staff salaries, when you buy players, employees will first give a part of the amount, then pay them to pay.

Budget allocation: the game’s budget allocation is simply divided into the transfer budget and salary budget two pieces of content.

The transfer budget includes the initial budget, the transfer fee for the purchase of the player, and the remaining budget; the salary budget includes the initial budget, the weekly salary budget, and the current weekly salary.

Players only adjust the salary budget and the transfer budget between the ratio of them, generally in the day, the best budget allocation is the salary budget ≥ transfer budget, in fact, this time the transfer budget is not used; during the transfer, you To be adjusted for the transfer budget> salary budget.

At the same time, you should pay attention to the transaction, the remaining budget funds must be sufficient to pay the second half of the salary, or if a player to leave, you can not renew, which may lead to the loss of players.

Spend the money: If your ball is really no money, you can ask the club owner for additional funds.

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