Clash royale dog ball flow attack new place introduction

Clash royale dog ball flow attack new place introduction
 Royal war with the version update, a variety of routines are also constantly innovation.

  Recent balloon challenges, many players may have found the ball ball sets of offensive methods have many new changes. Here to give you some new ways to share the dog and attack methods.

  First of all we should reach a consensus, the ball as the core of the card group , the ultimate goal is to use the ball to push the tower, so as long as the dog can live ball, the ball pushed the tower on OK.

  At present there are ① ② ③ these three roads, the old sink method is ①, the new sink bottom method is ③, and ② is the kind of opposite only when the single solution, you can use the next law, to promote the fastest, like the giant behind with The assault of the prince.  

  (1396) threatened creatures and spells (data in the tournament), full of holy water dogs to the bridgehead is probably about 9.1 holy water:


  (61 * 4 = 268), Flame Wizard (169 * 3 = 507), Throwing Shooter (50 * 3 = 150), Little Undead (84 * 3) (93), Princess (140), Undead (84 * 6 = 504), the Goblin gang (50 * 2 = 100)

  2, (fireball solvable) archers (86 * 2 = 172)

  (250), fire (229), ice (63), electrical (200/2 = 100), iron flies (269), firearms (175) ), The witch (42), the night witch

  ※ (magic can not solve) Butcher (140 * 2 = 280), dragon (133), hell dragon

  Spells: small electric (169), arrows (243), fireball (572), rocket (1232), flash (864), poison, hurricane (58 * 2.5 = 145)

  Building : All buildings can be pulled

  The following according to different circumstances to the specific analysis of the ball offensive arrangements:

  One, quickly solvable

  1. There are hurricanes when the ball can not escape the fate of the death, whether it is with the fire or the butcher

  2. rocket + small electric or flash + fireball can be directly off the ball

  3. Not predicted, the souls of the army surrounded the ball solution

  Although there are so many things, but not every time you can meet these.

  Second, some cases

  1, opponents only to build to solve, even if it is hell tower, do not reinforce the basic can push the tower success, can not prevent the dog. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  2, the opponent with any of the biological or ① in any of the biological + part of the building, in the hands of arrows, with the old-style sink method and the new sink method are OK, the basic push tower success, the same hand holding a fireball for ① ② Biological situation, but under the fireball is the limit with holy water, may be out of the dead out. For the situation in ③, the need for holy water collector, dog across the river, there are close to 7 holy water, just enough to make a big flash, in addition to the night witch, the other can basically push the tower success. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  3, the opponent with the creatures and our hands can not afford to spell out.

  1) archers or iron flies single attack creatures, because the dog and the ball speed is not the same, and the dog will eventually stop in the tower before the two cells, the balloon will eventually because the speed over the dog, the dog will become its later goal The This situation the ball was not solved, and finally the basic tower can be successful. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  2) AOE creatures, especially the main fire law, the ball has a great deal of harm, if the old way through the sink, the ball is likely to be solved, and if the new sink way, you can smooth Touch the tower (here do not discuss the hurricane spell) so as shown: (new sink than the old sink at the end of good)

  4, the opponent with the creatures and our hands can not afford to get rid of the magic and joined the building.

  1) single solution of biological + building, this situation is generally not afraid, single solution itself is difficult to solve the ball, followed by the old sink at the end of the building will attract the ball, and the new sink has a chance to avoid the building, mainly to see how the opponent, Even if not to avoid, followed by the dog was pulled with the past, the ball may survive, depending on the amount of building blood, if it is barbarian hut, the ball to hit several times, then this is a single solution can be off the ball, if only the tombstone The extent of the collision will be more than the dog, resulting in the opposite of a single solution of biological changes to attack the target.

  2) AOE + building, this situation generally under the old sink on the GG, and the new sink, then you can avoid the first 1-3 attacks AOE, but the follow-up with the development of the same situation above, depending on the building’s blood How much can avoid that better.

  In fact, if the use of building pull, if you defenders certainly want to pull the farther the better right, so there is the opportunity to let the ball to avoid the pull of its building, a Board of three minutes, can be successful once Look at the power of this time.  

  ▲ around the next solution will be hurt, but the ultimate goal will become a dog 

  ▲ new sink at the end of the effective to prevent the situation by the AOE damage  

  ▲ According to the location of the opposite building, there is a chance to avoid the opposite of the building without being pulled

  Third, the complex situation

  Encountered a set of dogs, for most of the players, not another way is to use a variety of solutions to use.

  See most of the above situation, in fact, are better to deal with, such as the opposite of the dead, iron flies like this, even if the encounter witch, dragon baby AOE type is not particularly afraid, but now today, So, for the way the old corner of the bottom of the way I started a bit shaken.

  For most of the single solution of the biological, holding the arrows in the hands of enough to solve a wave of defense, but AOE damage is unavoidable. With the old method to the bridge can be used in the space is too small, want to avoid the AOE damage must be separated from the grid, then this situation just like the new method is no different. However, if the old sink at the end of the separation of the left space is too small, or will be affected by the impact of AOE, can only be placed on the right side of the vacancy, then this way to pull away the distance between the balloon and the tower.

  For the ball when the dog is longer, the opposite with a single solution of the creature is more likely to kill around the ball around So now the new sink method, I think may be more suitable for the fire now butcher particularly ladder. If there is no AOE, there is only one gun and the souls, then how to place OK, the ball will not be too much interference, but taking into account the appearance of other AOE biological, or need to carefully consider this new and old way sink.  

  ▲ old sink bottom, the dog to the river, ② position of the ball, obviously too small space, ③ space Kuang, and easy to pull the building 

  ▲ new sink, the dog to the river, the number of bits of space is flexible enough, the skills can be close to the dog can be loose, open to the opposite control more favorable

  Four, has pushed a tower

  Has been turned off a tower later, relatively new and old dog made the difference. Personally think that in this case, only the new law is the best way, because the dog from the main tower and vice tower directly sink to the opposite of the tower before you can attract the opposite two towers of the attack, in this Under the circumstances, whether it is the river next to the ball or across the middle of the ball to a greater extent to ensure the safety of the ball.

  And if the way with the old sink, the first encounter AOE creatures will be very uncomfortable, and secondly, close to the edge of the space is too small, the operation is not convenient, and the other side from the tower too far, like the last crisis One-third of the overtime, no one wants to win the case as far as possible to delay the time it, so in this case, it is clear that the new way to the dog after the next, see the opposite defensive layout, and then Under the ball, holding the fireball or arrows in the hands, so that the ball can better guarantee the output, the probability of breaking the tower is also higher.  

  ▲ push a tower of the case, the dog’s position can attract two towers of the attack, the two one-bit can be fully into the opposite territory without tower attack

  【to sum up】

  The above is the new way of the dog bottom, can not say that the old sink is not good, a high degree of dog together really do not understand, but AOE more ladder and a series of factors such as the new bottom of the method has a great The advantage of the defensive side is not stupid, but the offensive side is also not stupid, the general dog to the river opposite the next sure card.

  We can consider the next to the next ball, one is to do in advance to prepare in advance if a fireball of the solution and there are second-hand preparation, and two dogs to the bottom of the river to the opposite side of what is not full of water, certainly will force themselves Under the card, will not have been waiting for the ball is also under the exchange of the next.

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