The best cards and combos for the Clash Royale Touchdown

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The most ambitious update in the history of Clash Royale comes with a revolutionary way that aims to change the way the game is understood, something that Supercell has implemented mainly with the Touchdown mode, a 2v2 clash in which we want to give some clues to succeed.

If you’ve already gone through the new ‘sand’ of touchdown and you’ve stepped on the lawn, you will have found that many of the cards that previously believed useless now have a more important function in this mode and there we will go deeper.

Buildings, mandatory

The breadth of the map makes the attack range critical. That, coupled with the need to have at least one building per side, makes cards like the crossbow or mortar very good options for battle.

The spells go unnoticed

The spells move into the background in this mode because it will be more complicated to unify rival troops, but it is true that some can still be effective. Tornado, venom, or healing can be very effective, but only if used intelligently.

The combination of healing with mounts or balloon, two of the fastest cards in the game, can give you some victory, but once you use the combo, it will be difficult to repeat it, so save it as a last option.

Choose tanks … and learn to eliminate them

Measuring elixir in game is essential, especially if you plan to activate cards like the Golem or the Hound of Lava. They are cards that can work easily , both to attract enemy troops and attack by another flank to try to reach the end.

If you want to stop cards like the electric wizard, the mini PEKKA, the woodcutter or the night witch are very effective, but you always have to look for a perfect complement with something more rank, like the princess.

The princess

The best card for Touchdown has blue blood, if we get delicate even the throwers. The range is everything on a map so wide that there are so many options to attack and defend, so both are cheap and very effective solutions to defend in the area.

Do you play alone or with one another?

If you do not have communication with your battle buddy, it is best to throw cards like mountaineers or balloon, the most powerful cards of the mode. Even the mirror can be very effective if you are able to endure it happens to combine it with any of the previous cards. Perhaps the battering ram is another option, but with a little more risk.

Of course, if you play with your partner and you can communicate with your partner, take advantage of and draw cards more defensible to later establish a great counterattack, such as the magician, executioner or bolero.

The huts, a must

There are several options that can mark the game for good or for bad and the use of huts is one. If you bet hut goblins or barbarians the opponent will have to defend itself exclusively with troops, there are no tower save your life, so you must implement them if you plan to start defending to gradually build an attack once you start have a good hand

Having all this in mind with the arrival of the new mode, the update with sparklers as protagonist and the missions, you may want to give more hours than ever to Clash Royale, even more knowing that the challenge has few hours ahead and that there are many possible benefits. buy clash royale gems online

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