FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (21)

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Defensive articles

Forced to force

In the ball of the ball, I mentioned “FIFA18” enhanced body collision system.

Now the defensive player directly hit the ball with the player’s position, you can rely on physical advantage will attack the players broke open, so grab the ball.

The force of the practice is very simple, when you as a defensive player close to the offensive player, the first close to each other, the formation of entangled trend, when you determine the other side of the running trend (non-ball trend), you directly hold down the B key (probably To maintain a 1 second, rather than an instant steals the click B key), this time you will use the body to hit each other.

In the previous version, the referee may be penalized, but in the “FIFA18” which, the referee on the forced behavior will not care, so that in addition to your close defense, interception, flying shovel, grab, you also more An effective means of defense, and forced to fail, it will not be like an interception, Fei shovel that led you to dislocation serious.

Force forced, you are just running the same run more than a step look like, forced to immediately after the failure to recover the opponent is Zhuo Zhuo more than.

Restricted area

Many players who are opponents into the restricted area, to carry out the defense will be rush.

In fact, the defense work within the restricted area is very simple, you only need to pay attention to each other’s passing line, shooting routes, and then there may be passing, shot the line to block.

In other words, that is, you go to the right point is enough, no need to block, tackle the ball.

The player’s body to block the route, it may lead to the other pass, shot when the mistakes, then the other will be without success. Plus the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players automatically make a reasonable interception, tackle action, so you do not have to worry about the action, and you have to do is to do a good defense to walk.

Further explain the “blocking” the effective distance, blocking the above mentioned is to seal the pass and shoot the line, and when you get closer to the ball players, the success rate of blocking even more on the other players The interference is greater, in the restricted area defense, you may wish to make a close control of the defensive strategy, but remember not to run as a footsteps to move, just move the left joystick can be.

If the game opened the “handball”, then in the restricted area when the block, remember to hold down the LT key, you can now control the player to put his arms behind, so that the ball will not play because of the other close In the hands of your players.


Grab the need for you close to your opponent, press the B key to steal to steals.

Grab the equivalent of moderate defense means, once can not intercept down, it is likely to cause dislocation, but this dislocation is not too serious, but to catch up with the state of pressing to almost impossible, so can not intercept , You try to follow the ball player can, and then switch to other players to keep the defense.

The trick is to judge the other side of the action, to the footsteps of the location of the interception, in fact, when you are close to the opponent when you can use the interception, try to steal the ball, press the B key can be drawn to pull or force action The

But you have to pay attention to is that if you are clear that they can not kick the ball, do not arbitrarily block, this will likely cause foul, especially in the restricted area inside.

A key to intercept

There is no player thought about using the “A key” as a short interception means?

In fact, this is a viable way, when the ball flew to you and the other players, you press A at this time, although it is regarded as a pass, but the passing of the other players will also be similar to the interception, the behavior of.

This kind of interception in the “FIFA17” before the referee will not be punished for such acts, but “FIFA18” chance to give a foul penalty, which is mainly to see the system to judge.

This interception is generally launched against each other when the ball, in the process of grabbing, you also need to consider the second placement.

This trick is very easy to use, not only to intercept, but also combined with the ball, you should be more use.


The difficulty of sliding shovel than other defensive means are much more difficult, the key is that you have a distance and speed on the pre-sentence.

The timing of the general interception is that you run with the ball players side by side, and the other side suddenly kick the ball from the foot (perhaps in order to accelerate or change), this time you move towards the direction of the other side of the ball flying shovel.

This is the way to determine the speed of shovels and force force is different, forced to chase the trend of the direction of the players, and the fly shovel is the ball. The reason is that if you fly shovel chasing people, it must be a foul (the following is a straight go to the flying shovel, unless it is deliberately foul, or do not recommend doing so).

Flying shovel mistakes, will inevitably cause a lot of loopholes in the rear, and back to the basic impossible, once the spade failure, you immediately switch players to make up the defense.

Goalkeeper welcome

When the other players singles, semi-single-pole, you can press the Y button to the goalkeeper welcome.

Goalkeeper welcome, you can let him out of the restricted area as a defender to use, but do not often do so, otherwise there will be opponents hanging the door of the danger.

When you release the Y key, the goalkeeper will retract according to their own, if you determine the other single, half a single pole when the threat, you have to hold down the Y key. (Click to buy fifa mobile points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (7)

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Coach pattern

Team Leader: Lead your favorite team, manipulate the team’s management and tactical use. You will be responsible for helping the team to accomplish different goals within the strategy and business skills.

Players career: to a young football genius began his career, and strive to climb in the football world, from the unknown to become a legendary club. Finally you can choose to retire and continue to be the team leader (when you play the player mode, you choose to retire, you can choose to become a coach).

Team management

The team basic information

When you choose a club, you can probably understand the club profile, board expectations, transfer budget, club value, home and away jerseys and home stadium names.

The most important of these information is the board’s expectations, transfer budget.

Board expectations: a ball will be on the local achievements, intercontinental performance, brand exposure, finance, youth army development requirements (expectations).

The so-called local achievements, generally refers to the local to play than (Derby) tournament; Intercontinental performance, that is, in the intercontinental tournament to obtain excellent results or to get to participate in the Intercontinental tournament qualification; brand exposure, FIFA17 and FIFA18 new Of the content, in fact, as long as your team can get good grades, many (virtual) media will first report to your team, the exposure will naturally increase;

Finance, this piece of content seems complex, in fact, very simple. The main financial project is actually only the transfer budget and operating budget, the transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other players, and the operating budget is to the players, employees pay wages, youth training, to maintain the club Daily operation.

Financial requirements are very high, it means that you have to save money, financial requirements are very low, then you can arbitrarily squandered;

Youth Army, which means that you have to cultivate a small club belonging to their own club, the practice is very simple, you can go to the youth training interface, arrange scouts to dig the ball can be. But should pay attention to, and youth training is to spend money, so to engage in youth when the team should be combined with the financial expectations of the implementation of the board.

Transfer budget: just mentioned in the expectations of the Board of Finance on the general about the transfer budget.

The transfer budget must be combined with the operating budget as a whole, both of which are complementary to the club’s finances, and the ratio between them will change as the transfer window opens / closes.

Transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other players of the club, and the operating budget is to the players, employees pay wages, youth training, to maintain the daily operation of the club.

Team report

The team report will respond to the team’s information.

Contract information: show the player contract expires the year, you have to catch the first half of this year to 1 year with the players to renew, otherwise the players can not renew the free body will leave the club.

Some players have reached a deal with other clubs, which will indicate that the player will join the other club after the expiration of the contract.

Injury conditions: no injury to the players, will indicate that you can participate in the game. If there is a wounded player, here will specify the player’s suffering area, and indicate the number of days or months need to stop injury.

Penalties: When the player gets a red card, it will specify the number of days the player needs to be suspended for the red card.

Some events will have a “cumulative yellow card” penalty, when the player in this event accumulated 2 or 3 yellow card on the need to suspend a rule, you can also see the appropriate information in the penalty situation.

Player performance: This shows the number of players participating in various events, the number of goals, the number of assists, the number of defenses, the number of red cards and (average) game scores.

Here, you are critical to the player’s average game score, you can understand the player’s overall performance.

Player Attribute Rating: You only need to select a player in the “Team Report” interface, then press the RB button, you can view the player’s all attribute score.

And in the property next to some “increase or decrease the number”, which means that players in the game, after training to enhance or cut the effect.

In general, participating in the game is to enhance the player’s overall score the best way to improve the player’s property score is the best way to participate in training.

Team lineup

Consolidated state: watch the player, you should pay attention to their comprehensive evaluation (ability), state, morale.

Enhance the three elements, the best way is of course to let them participate, and get the game victory.

Comprehensive evaluation of the promotion is mainly to see the potential of the players, young, high potential players, comprehensive evaluation of faster growth.

The state depends on the performance of each game, as long as the game victory, and the player on the spot score close to his comprehensive score divided by 10 values ​​(such as a person’s comprehensive score is 90, a game score of 9.0 or so, then his State must be “” or “↑”).

The player’s status has an impact on the performance of the field, the state of the players, catch the ball, passing, shooting, defense and so will do bit, and there will be excellent play. So you should always make a good player in the mall game.

Player morale, half of the results from the game, half is from your attitude to the players. The former is similar to the state, as long as the team achieved good results, the majority of the morale of the players will improve.

And sometimes the players will ask you, such as multi-point opportunities to play, need to rest, need to transfer, etc., if you do not agree or ignore the player’s request, then their morale will drop. Morale this ring on the team game, the operation will not cause a great impact, but in the morale of the players to renew, you will be more or less at a disadvantage.

So morale this part, you do not need to pay attention. After all, you do not like the players, you naturally will not meet his requirements.

For the location: the game will give each player the default location, you then combined with their usual foot, attack / defense efficiency can be arranged to give him some other suitable location.

“FIFA” with “PES” is different, FIFA is the player you can arrange the position, the players will not feel discomfort, the overall score does not rise the problem. So players can according to their own preferences to arrange the location.

Transfer / lease list

Transfer: When you have unwanted players, you have to wait for half a year or more in their contract period, it is necessary to consider selling the player.

Directly in the team center click on the player, and then choose to move to the transfer list, you can sell the player.

In general, the scout will remind you from time to time which player should be sold or accept the offer of other clubs.

If you do not need scouts of these reminders and suggestions, you can choose to “block the proposal” to close the scout’s transfer transaction notice.

Rent: Some players, they are relatively young and have a certain potential, but in your team can not hit the main force.

Then you can consider leasing them out to give these players a chance to increase the game and earn some of the rent, but you have to remember that the rental of the player’s salary is paid by you, so you’d better set the rent is the The player’s salary is doubled or more, so that the salary part is also passed on to the leased club, then you can earn benefits from it.

When the loan player’s strength to be significantly improved, you can recall him as your right player. Otherwise he sells directly near the expiration of the contract.

In addition, scouts and players will also give you a rental proposal, if you do not need these proposals, you can choose to “block the proposal” to close the rental notice.

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Contract negotiation

Renewal: players will only be in the contract for the remaining six months to 1 year will be willing to negotiate with you for more than 1 year, they refuse to negotiate.

Contract negotiation skills: At the beginning of the negotiations, the players will ask for some of their requests or their intentions.

Often, they are not considering retiring, and other clubs have reached a consensus on the case, you can meet their conditions with the players to renew the strategy.

Renewal must be “dead wrapped”, whenever the player to your renewal of the renewal (refused), you immediately with the lowest meet the conditions once again to the player to renew, until he promised so far. Remember, be sure to meet the player’s request (usually salary, contract period requirements).

In order to be able to meet the player’s salary conditions, you have to arrange your financial arrangements, in the renewal season, there must be sufficient funds to cope with the player’s salary soaring.


Overview: From the point of view, it is divided into income, income and expenses.

Revenue is mainly due to tournament admission fees, tournament bonuses, in other words, you try to get the most trophy a season, then you earn a lot of income.

Revenue is mainly due to transfer fees and rental fees, you can sell some of the players or rent out to earn income.

Expenditure is mainly concentrated in the transfer fee, players and staff salaries, when you buy players, employees will first give a part of the amount, then pay them to pay.

Budget allocation: the game’s budget allocation is simply divided into the transfer budget and salary budget two pieces of content.

The transfer budget includes the initial budget, the transfer fee for the purchase of the player, and the remaining budget; the salary budget includes the initial budget, the weekly salary budget, and the current weekly salary.

Players only adjust the salary budget and the transfer budget between the ratio of them, generally in the day, the best budget allocation is the salary budget ≥ transfer budget, in fact, this time the transfer budget is not used; during the transfer, you To be adjusted for the transfer budget> salary budget.

At the same time, you should pay attention to the transaction, the remaining budget funds must be sufficient to pay the second half of the salary, or if a player to leave, you can not renew, which may lead to the loss of players.

Spend the money: If your ball is really no money, you can ask the club owner for additional funds.

You can fill out an application form, which contains the number of funds you need, this number is generally not more than £ 5K, as to how much, the key lies in the performance of the team nearly a season. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash royale dog ball flow attack new place introduction

Clash royale dog ball flow attack new place introduction
 Royal war with the version update, a variety of routines are also constantly innovation.

  Recent balloon challenges, many players may have found the ball ball sets of offensive methods have many new changes. Here to give you some new ways to share the dog and attack methods.

  First of all we should reach a consensus, the ball as the core of the card group , the ultimate goal is to use the ball to push the tower, so as long as the dog can live ball, the ball pushed the tower on OK.

  At present there are ① ② ③ these three roads, the old sink method is ①, the new sink bottom method is ③, and ② is the kind of opposite only when the single solution, you can use the next law, to promote the fastest, like the giant behind with The assault of the prince.  

  (1396) threatened creatures and spells (data in the tournament), full of holy water dogs to the bridgehead is probably about 9.1 holy water:


  (61 * 4 = 268), Flame Wizard (169 * 3 = 507), Throwing Shooter (50 * 3 = 150), Little Undead (84 * 3) (93), Princess (140), Undead (84 * 6 = 504), the Goblin gang (50 * 2 = 100)

  2, (fireball solvable) archers (86 * 2 = 172)

  (250), fire (229), ice (63), electrical (200/2 = 100), iron flies (269), firearms (175) ), The witch (42), the night witch

  ※ (magic can not solve) Butcher (140 * 2 = 280), dragon (133), hell dragon

  Spells: small electric (169), arrows (243), fireball (572), rocket (1232), flash (864), poison, hurricane (58 * 2.5 = 145)

  Building : All buildings can be pulled

  The following according to different circumstances to the specific analysis of the ball offensive arrangements:

  One, quickly solvable

  1. There are hurricanes when the ball can not escape the fate of the death, whether it is with the fire or the butcher

  2. rocket + small electric or flash + fireball can be directly off the ball

  3. Not predicted, the souls of the army surrounded the ball solution

  Although there are so many things, but not every time you can meet these.

  Second, some cases

  1, opponents only to build to solve, even if it is hell tower, do not reinforce the basic can push the tower success, can not prevent the dog. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  2, the opponent with any of the biological or ① in any of the biological + part of the building, in the hands of arrows, with the old-style sink method and the new sink method are OK, the basic push tower success, the same hand holding a fireball for ① ② Biological situation, but under the fireball is the limit with holy water, may be out of the dead out. For the situation in ③, the need for holy water collector, dog across the river, there are close to 7 holy water, just enough to make a big flash, in addition to the night witch, the other can basically push the tower success. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  3, the opponent with the creatures and our hands can not afford to spell out.

  1) archers or iron flies single attack creatures, because the dog and the ball speed is not the same, and the dog will eventually stop in the tower before the two cells, the balloon will eventually because the speed over the dog, the dog will become its later goal The This situation the ball was not solved, and finally the basic tower can be successful. (The new sink and the old sink the same)

  2) AOE creatures, especially the main fire law, the ball has a great deal of harm, if the old way through the sink, the ball is likely to be solved, and if the new sink way, you can smooth Touch the tower (here do not discuss the hurricane spell) so as shown: (new sink than the old sink at the end of good)

  4, the opponent with the creatures and our hands can not afford to get rid of the magic and joined the building.

  1) single solution of biological + building, this situation is generally not afraid, single solution itself is difficult to solve the ball, followed by the old sink at the end of the building will attract the ball, and the new sink has a chance to avoid the building, mainly to see how the opponent, Even if not to avoid, followed by the dog was pulled with the past, the ball may survive, depending on the amount of building blood, if it is barbarian hut, the ball to hit several times, then this is a single solution can be off the ball, if only the tombstone The extent of the collision will be more than the dog, resulting in the opposite of a single solution of biological changes to attack the target.

  2) AOE + building, this situation generally under the old sink on the GG, and the new sink, then you can avoid the first 1-3 attacks AOE, but the follow-up with the development of the same situation above, depending on the building’s blood How much can avoid that better.

  In fact, if the use of building pull, if you defenders certainly want to pull the farther the better right, so there is the opportunity to let the ball to avoid the pull of its building, a Board of three minutes, can be successful once Look at the power of this time.  

  ▲ around the next solution will be hurt, but the ultimate goal will become a dog 

  ▲ new sink at the end of the effective to prevent the situation by the AOE damage  

  ▲ According to the location of the opposite building, there is a chance to avoid the opposite of the building without being pulled

  Third, the complex situation

  Encountered a set of dogs, for most of the players, not another way is to use a variety of solutions to use.

  See most of the above situation, in fact, are better to deal with, such as the opposite of the dead, iron flies like this, even if the encounter witch, dragon baby AOE type is not particularly afraid, but now today, So, for the way the old corner of the bottom of the way I started a bit shaken.

  For most of the single solution of the biological, holding the arrows in the hands of enough to solve a wave of defense, but AOE damage is unavoidable. With the old method to the bridge can be used in the space is too small, want to avoid the AOE damage must be separated from the grid, then this situation just like the new method is no different. However, if the old sink at the end of the separation of the left space is too small, or will be affected by the impact of AOE, can only be placed on the right side of the vacancy, then this way to pull away the distance between the balloon and the tower.

  For the ball when the dog is longer, the opposite with a single solution of the creature is more likely to kill around the ball around So now the new sink method, I think may be more suitable for the fire now butcher particularly ladder. If there is no AOE, there is only one gun and the souls, then how to place OK, the ball will not be too much interference, but taking into account the appearance of other AOE biological, or need to carefully consider this new and old way sink.  

  ▲ old sink bottom, the dog to the river, ② position of the ball, obviously too small space, ③ space Kuang, and easy to pull the building 

  ▲ new sink, the dog to the river, the number of bits of space is flexible enough, the skills can be close to the dog can be loose, open to the opposite control more favorable

  Four, has pushed a tower

  Has been turned off a tower later, relatively new and old dog made the difference. Personally think that in this case, only the new law is the best way, because the dog from the main tower and vice tower directly sink to the opposite of the tower before you can attract the opposite two towers of the attack, in this Under the circumstances, whether it is the river next to the ball or across the middle of the ball to a greater extent to ensure the safety of the ball.

  And if the way with the old sink, the first encounter AOE creatures will be very uncomfortable, and secondly, close to the edge of the space is too small, the operation is not convenient, and the other side from the tower too far, like the last crisis One-third of the overtime, no one wants to win the case as far as possible to delay the time it, so in this case, it is clear that the new way to the dog after the next, see the opposite defensive layout, and then Under the ball, holding the fireball or arrows in the hands, so that the ball can better guarantee the output, the probability of breaking the tower is also higher.  

  ▲ push a tower of the case, the dog’s position can attract two towers of the attack, the two one-bit can be fully into the opposite territory without tower attack

  【to sum up】

  The above is the new way of the dog bottom, can not say that the old sink is not good, a high degree of dog together really do not understand, but AOE more ladder and a series of factors such as the new bottom of the method has a great The advantage of the defensive side is not stupid, but the offensive side is also not stupid, the general dog to the river opposite the next sure card.

  We can consider the next to the next ball, one is to do in advance to prepare in advance if a fireball of the solution and there are second-hand preparation, and two dogs to the bottom of the river to the opposite side of what is not full of water, certainly will force themselves Under the card, will not have been waiting for the ball is also under the exchange of the next.

Enjoy the best soccer games for Android

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If you like football, there is no better way to enjoy it than through the fantastic soccer games for Android, an amazing collection that comes this year with a lot of alternatives and very interesting news

During free time, our smartphones can be fantastic support to entertain us and even learn new and interesting things, and in that sense we want to recommend some of the best football games for Android, four alternatives that put at our disposal four perspectives different when it comes to enjoying the sport king in our portable devices.

Head Soccer La Liga

Undoubtedly one of the essential that we recommend you try on your devices, putting at your disposal a kind of fun game from the perspective that you must select a player with the goal of getting it evolve and achieve sports success.

Best of all is the fact that you will have the possibility to choose between real players, that is to say, it is not a question of creating a hypothetical player, but you can make use of all your skills to improve the results of that player who both like.

Now you can download the file Head Soccer APK League with which to install the game on your devices.

Dream League Soccer 2017

Undoubtedly this is another of the alternatives also very interesting since in this case we will put ourselves in front of our favorite team with the objective of making all the changes and necessary steps to take it to the top of the league.

We have at our disposal a lot of stars among which we can choose to make contracts, and even we will also have the possibility to grow our stadium to increase the possibilities and services to the attendees.

In short, it is a game in which we have to manage our favorite team and all this we can do with just getting the file Dream League Soccer 2017 APK.

PES 2017

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Android football games on the market, which comes with a new delivery that guarantees a very interesting durability, as well as a prominent realism when it comes to enjoying the best encounters.

A fantastic option for all those who give less importance to the management of the team and seek to deepen more in the tactics and, ultimately, the field of play, and to have at your disposal the best encounters of the moment, only you have to get the installation file PES 2017 APK through which we can have at our disposal the access that will allow us to live some of the most intense sporting experiences of the moment.

FIFA Mobile

It is clear that, with the three games mentioned above, you will have at your disposal a lot of options that are developed according to the different tastes, from the complete management of the club to the management of a certain player or the management during the meetings, but if what you are looking for is something that basically one of the three offers of the previous games, then FIFA Mobile is undoubtedly the most recommended option.

All we need is the Fifa Mobile APK file and from the first minute we can start to create and manage our own team, having at our disposal a lot of content that will be renewed day after day with the aim of making our exciting and interesting matches.

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The best cards and combos for the Clash Royale Touchdown

clash royale gems
The most ambitious update in the history of Clash Royale comes with a revolutionary way that aims to change the way the game is understood, something that Supercell has implemented mainly with the Touchdown mode, a 2v2 clash in which we want to give some clues to succeed.

If you’ve already gone through the new ‘sand’ of touchdown and you’ve stepped on the lawn, you will have found that many of the cards that previously believed useless now have a more important function in this mode and there we will go deeper.

Buildings, mandatory

The breadth of the map makes the attack range critical. That, coupled with the need to have at least one building per side, makes cards like the crossbow or mortar very good options for battle.

The spells go unnoticed

The spells move into the background in this mode because it will be more complicated to unify rival troops, but it is true that some can still be effective. Tornado, venom, or healing can be very effective, but only if used intelligently.

The combination of healing with mounts or balloon, two of the fastest cards in the game, can give you some victory, but once you use the combo, it will be difficult to repeat it, so save it as a last option.

Choose tanks … and learn to eliminate them

Measuring elixir in game is essential, especially if you plan to activate cards like the Golem or the Hound of Lava. They are cards that can work easily , both to attract enemy troops and attack by another flank to try to reach the end.

If you want to stop cards like the electric wizard, the mini PEKKA, the woodcutter or the night witch are very effective, but you always have to look for a perfect complement with something more rank, like the princess.

The princess

The best card for Touchdown has blue blood, if we get delicate even the throwers. The range is everything on a map so wide that there are so many options to attack and defend, so both are cheap and very effective solutions to defend in the area.

Do you play alone or with one another?

If you do not have communication with your battle buddy, it is best to throw cards like mountaineers or balloon, the most powerful cards of the mode. Even the mirror can be very effective if you are able to endure it happens to combine it with any of the previous cards. Perhaps the battering ram is another option, but with a little more risk.

Of course, if you play with your partner and you can communicate with your partner, take advantage of and draw cards more defensible to later establish a great counterattack, such as the magician, executioner or bolero.

The huts, a must

There are several options that can mark the game for good or for bad and the use of huts is one. If you bet hut goblins or barbarians the opponent will have to defend itself exclusively with troops, there are no tower save your life, so you must implement them if you plan to start defending to gradually build an attack once you start have a good hand

Having all this in mind with the arrival of the new mode, the update with sparklers as protagonist and the missions, you may want to give more hours than ever to Clash Royale, even more knowing that the challenge has few hours ahead and that there are many possible benefits. buy clash royale gems online

Minor party benefits: 7.3 version of the whole 12 professional followers recommended with share

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The first time in the NGA post, in order to choose their favorite with the followers to meet the changes in the version itself has 12 full-time career, and my heart there is perfectionist obsessive-compulsive disorder (I do not know how to describe it, so called it), suddenly wanted to issue To share with you to make my pay more valuable. Recently, there are big gods have been analyzed 7.3 of the followers of the trend, I am here to choose a combination of choice based on the following starting point and reason, if the starting point with me not the same friends, you can not refer to my combination, thank you ( post is issued Share and discuss, some occupations I really do not have time to play in depth , see someone told me that Regal can speed up, hunters followers can mislead these, really taught, but also see someone back MS high priest priest Isa Na took out when the comrades, is unable to do the task in the hall to get back the props, which I really did not take into account, after all, 12 toss tossing, there must be some lack of consideration, can only say that you can do this: Out of the task when the lifting of his comrades bound to let her go to the hall of the task, or you do not use high-end female priest Isaanna when his comrades is, in general, the overall situation of 222, their own really is a 12 No. small party with personal preferences to discharge the recommended match, the specific adjustment, please vary from person to person.

  Read a lot of Replies, because the late followers may not pull out to the task, to resources, then directly in the lobby to do Sa blood, and the success rate of high success later, the Argus forces may be unnecessary, and save the resources, according to these , I give the reasons for the choice of followers priority, everyone in accordance with this priority to adjust their own followers. ( Because the acceleration of the flow may be the core play, I put the Cavaliers -20% of the long time the young lady re-elected , and which followers in the election when the comrades are not very important circumstances, but also because the special skills 222 is very important Of the big picture, as in front of the said, I put the DK’s rot of the intestine into the Minerva Jade. So that DK will not have 222 corresponding.HH want to experience -20% play, want to 222, you can keep the Lord Mother, black science and technology strokes a minions destroy the magic.

  1, ( a star comrades can actually choose) comrades only choose to use the type of initiative, no harm (not in your eyes dangling, nor hard to fight). With bodyguard comrades when the back of a drag oil bottle always feel not cool, unless the bodyguard skills very useful (quoted the words of someone else’s words). And for the trumpet, in the early 7.3, the lack of resources, with a command center to send 100 supplies to the orange equipment to do the task will be very cost-effective (late equipment after molding, too lazy to go out of the task, you can change into success Rate of equipment, do the hall of the Sa blood task). Do not want to mislead new people, read everyone Replies, I have to go to each comrades have tried the next, his comrades choose the principle: the best use of the election. DH is best to use Miss Sethino, she will give you rapid blood shield, but also treatment you, hit the fly stunned non-elite strange. QS choose North County Knight Meisiman, will give you 10% of all the attributes of the king bless BUFF.

  2, ( Award latter may not require troops will be able to 200%) successfully completed the task force has a chance to bring back the reply 1:00 vigor items, such followers as much as possible. The reason is very simple, Argus’s soldiers are expensive, the first time a week to buy 150 resources, the second 900 resources, some people have complained. 12 career only six professional return blood props of the followers, as well as the return of blood skills as much as possible, such as thieves followers: (Valerie Saghanal assassination of spells in the task of a random force will reply 1 point vitality ), Knight’s: (Obernie bright mane holy response to the success of the task to complete the task of 50% chance to make a depleted force to return to 1:00 vitality). The latter may not need troops will be able to 200%, mainly for trumpet, resources can save the province on it. But if there are a lot of troops exist, and then made two personal tasks, a warrior and a force will be able to send a task, and greatly increased the number of tasks, why not?

  3, ( Samsung early formation success rate is low, you will use the success of the task to complete the task to bring back the probability of 20% increase in the success of the items, this followers must be selected. Why is it now 7.3 early we are not good equipment, there are a lot of friends followers did not change orange or three trough, and now followers face reshuffle, it will inevitably have three pre-demolition of the followers, new followers activation, no three , The equipment is not good this period, each follow a more than 20% success rate of props, three followers can increase the success rate of 60%, yes, I asked you if you want to beauty. The The

  4, ( four star acceleration may be the core play) minus 20% of the required, there are characteristics of the followers as far as possible (late not afraid of no success rate). For example, as well as XD followers: Blole Xiongrui wild to deal with the task of reducing the consumption of 30%. This feature followers on the election, said no later on the resources to double the task of a lot of doubts, there is such a singles to pay 7 fold of the followers is not yet beautiful.

  (What is the return of the props, the task of reducing the consumption of these entourage skills are tasteless, plus the success rate is king! Told you that did not find now half of the three trough followers plus two trough followers, playing Agus green are often meet 200% Corresponding to 50% success rate of orange installed, followed by the success of 15% of the success rate of the big witch, and the success rate of 15% or 20% success rate? And shortened when the long-bodied only 30%, 25% of orange, and follow the belt to shorten 20% often, you say is not close to an orange installed, you said no election, Moreover, there have been great analysis of God, Or the core play, because the success rate is not the latter part of the case, the faster completion of the task is the beauty of the game.

  5, (five-star special skills corresponding to 222 is very important) meat and eggs is still very strong, must choose, the remaining six followers expertise and skills must be 222. Before the short and short hair distribution method personally feel bad use, and no need, because now follow the random response is too high, arranged in too many combinations, there will be different skills with the different followers were assigned to long workers and short groups , But the task requires two followers of the same skills, long and short props only one effective, because the time is not longer than 8 hours, that is less than 8 hours, you are equipped with longer than 8 hours, less than 8 hours Not effective. So recommend a comprehensive coverage, expertise are 222. (What? Before it was said that the corresponding correspondence is not necessary, the skills is, they have specialized 123, the choice of skills 222, well, when the task of a special followers to do other tasks, and want to send The second task you find that there is no specialization corresponding to the time, your heart is a small lack (gap ^ v ^) how much, and I feel I do not describe the pull, the perfect forcible?: Heart million mud horse.

  Read everyone’s Replies, there are a lot of too fancy resources, because I was 12 career at the same time playing, 10 career is trumpet, each number is not much resources and Sa blood, each career on the line 5 minutes, Only the most resources of the task (now the task of resources are high 1000 or so, just enough small day hair 2-3 gold coins task, you say I lack of resources). It seems that my title to change, changed to 12 career at the same time play a number of small party. If you only play a single number of large, hundreds of thousands of resources used up, then you can refer to other big god replacement portfolio.

  Based on the above starting point, the meat must be selected, the remaining six followers, first selected active skills comrades, 20% less, there is vitality, plus the success rate props, there are recruiting soldiers (such as Maggas Horror totem), there are lower resource consumption, and so on these characteristics followers, the rest of the followers may have a lot of combinations, this time in accordance with the principles and skills in accordance with the principles of 222 in all combinations which pick out the success of the skills Follow me, I arranged a good combination of anyway, was originally wanted to give you see me a lot of forms to do the combination, but the first post, not screenshots do not intend to arrange the combination of various combinations sent to everyone , I only tell you the results, we can control my results to think about why I will choose this combination, and finally only DH and DK did not do the specialization and skills 222, the two occupations I did not ranked 222 is because personal like Mother and rot when the comrades, for other friends, did not say that you have to specify which followers when the comrades in the case, you can change the mother of Miss Seino, rotten into Minnei This specialization skills perfect 222, and this is what I emphasize vary, look at you like Hello! For if someone wants to DH 222 specialization skills, mistress when his comrades want to, you can do this: the mistress Replaced by Ms. Seinosuo, every day out of the task when the activation of the mother, scraping the resources and then demobilized, spend 250 gold coins, and too toss, not very recommended. (Replies have a friend said the knight’s 20% little sister and resurrection troops are very tangled, if the election at the same time plus the two plus Maxwell Tresoos Baron, Losaxen four followers, anyway, that night I was Row to the fast asleep, and the rest of the combination can not be specialized skills 222 (222 or to the overall situation for the heavy ah.) Encountered this situation please adjust according to personal preferences) Han did not say friends, dry goods , The results are as follows, (just edit the time when only 9 o’clock, wanted to say: I have to give me on the line to do the Marseille task line to pull), now a look has been edited for 2.5 hours, everyone, good night. (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Among the top of the basketball star! “NBA2K18” will be swim version

Basketball game New Year’s Eve “NBA2K” series every year around in September as scheduled, in the “NBA2K18” one after another landing the mainframe and NS platform, we are also concerned about the transfer to the mobile phone platform.

On this year’s “NBA2K18” biggest change, there is no doubt that the new model “neighborhood model”. In this mode, the player can walk out of the stadium, in the open world of the city and other players exchange, practice, walk, and even can be at home with electric watching TV. Although the current model there are many people criticized the BUG is not optimized, but 2K this bold breakthrough is widely acclaimed. Unfortunately, this model was castrated off on the mobile version.

But other models have reservations, there is no dissatisfaction with the. Including 30 teams from the team’s strongest players, as well as brilliant career, dynasty model, fast competition and street games four models. Quality and feel on the optimization although there is no dazzling progress, but a year a footprint, 2K series of hand travel version also go more stable down.

On the “NBA2K18” hand tour version, is expected to be launched in October, the current game official website has not yet announced more information, if there is new news release, Xiaobian will be the first time to follow up.

Everton winger: FIFA18’s extraordinary action should be called Bora Xie shaking

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The Everton winger Bora Xie joked on Twitter, FIFA18 in the stunt action “tornado turned” should be called “Bora Xie shaking.”

Before the Crystal Palace winger Bora Xie to 25 million pounds after the transfer Everton played only 13 games in the Premier League suffered a serious knee injury, is still recuperating. But he posted a video of his own Tottenham Eriksson and Soldado’s animated video on Twitter, and @EASPORTSFIFA said, “What tornado turned? We called it Bora Xie shaking (if you agree ). “

NBA 2K18 vs NBA Live 18 in the graphics comparison video

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With a new graphics comparison video the two recently published basketball simulations “NBA 2K18” and “NBA Live 18” are compared.

Basketball fans on the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have the spoiled for choice with the two now released basketball simulations “NBA Live 18” from Electronic Arts and “NBA 2K18” from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts. In GameSpot you have the two titles on PlayStation 4 with the same team matchup in the graphics comparison.

The fresh video you can see here in the article. It gives an impression of which game in the direct comparison is at least from the graphics nose in the front. In this case it should be the title of Electronic Arts. In gameplay, however, the fans see “NBA 2K18” from 2K Sports advantage. Which game is your opinion the better? Tell us in the comments.

“NBA 2K18” is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC. The players are offered with the completely newly developed neighborhood, among other things a kind of new Social Hub, which combines different game modes.

NBA 2K18: shared-world experience with trailer announced
“NBA Live 18” is only available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For the first time, players are given access to the new dynamic career mode “The One”. In this, the players can further develop their character according to their wishes, which also changes the story based on their decisions.
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DFB must pay penalty for right fanparoles

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DFB must pay penalty for right fanparoles
The Fifa has imposed a fine because of the right-radical slogans of German fans at the World Cup qualifying match in Prague. A stadium ban was not pronounced.
The Football World Federation Fifa has decided to impose a fine for right-wing extremist failures of German fans in a game in September. The German Football Association (DFB) has to pay. The amount of the sanction is 32,000 Swiss francs, which amounts to around 28,000 euros. In addition, the Fifa issued a warning. The Fifa could also have imposed a fan exclusion in one of the next games.

On September 1, German fans scanned Nazi slogans in a qualifying match at the football world championships in Prague . Among other things, the fans interrupted a silence for two deceased Czech football officials, ignited pyrotechnics in the stadium and answered “victory” calls with “Heil” calls.

National player Mats Hummels had said after the game on the incidents : “… The songs were really bad, a disaster That’s troublemakers, hooligans You have to look that one to get out of the stadium” Bundestrainer Joachim Loew said he was “full of rage and very, very much devoured”. This behavior of German fans had “a lot of shame about our country” brought, so Löw .
Following the riots, Fifa had launched investigations against the DFB, but also against the Czech Football Association . The host is responsible for the safety of the spectators. After the failures, DFB President Reinhard Grindel called for stronger controls on the award of tickets in Europe. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)