FIFA 18: Alex Hunter, Ultimate Team and Co. – this is new to the game

On September 29, FIFA 18 is on the shelves. Changed gameplay, Ultimate Team, Alex Hunter – the new game from the popular EA Sports series has made many changes at the start. Especially the German gamblers may look forward to: in addition to the 3rd league, the DFB Cup is playable. Over 700 club teams, 50 national teams – FIFA delivers everything the football enthusiast desires.

The gameplay

The movements in FIFA 18 are slower than in the previous version – and thus more realistic. While fast players were hard to defend in the past, and the “pace” score was so important, you have to go for the goal and get your technical skills unpacked.
The game appears to be tactical and realistic. But when it came to zapping, many goals fell through shots and flanks, the defense of such actions has become more difficult. Until the official release, the long shot problem is to be solved by the developers.

3rd league and DFB cup

Especially happy for German FIFA fans: finally, EA has the licenses for the 3rd League and the DFB Cup. This makes traditional clubs such as FC Carl Zeiss Jena , Hansa Rostock or SpVgg Unterhaching playable. That has been called for by several fan portals for years.
Also in the coming seasons from 2018/19 to 2021/22 the license rights of the German football are in the area alone with EA – and not with constant competitor Konami. That means: who wants to gamble with Bayern , Dortmund , Schalke and co , does not pass to FIFA.

Alex Hunter is back

As already in FIFA 17 there is again a story mode: “The Journey” with Supertalent Alex Hunter continues! For the striker, the second season begins in professional football, in which he can switch to a European top club. So does Hunter hunt next to Neymar Jr. in Paris or Robert Lewandowski in the Bavarians?
In addition there will again be guest performances of world stars. Hunter and Thierry Henry will be mates and go together at VIP parties. Also included: Cristiano Ronaldo , Thomas Müller and Antoine Griezmann . And: Hunter meets his half-sister . Your dream: professional footballer. The second season of the British exceptional is therefore full of surprises.

FUT legends also on the Playstation

Good news for all Playstation gamers: in the popular Ultimate Team mode, legends like Pelé , Maradona or Ronaldo are now available. Since EA had so far an exclusive contract with Microsoft, there were the popular ex-kicker so far only in the Xbox version .

Also new are the so-called ” Squad Battles “. Here you can choose another Ultimate Team from the community and then challenge them in single player mode . So you can “batteln” with the teams of footballers and other celebrities. So are you playing with the team of Cristiano Ronaldo ?

Penalty – back to the roots

Admittedly the penalty in FIFA 17 was getting used to. Kullerbälle or completely distorted – everything was possible and the then new mode just for FIFA laymen annoying. This is different now, EA returns to the old Systen. This means: You do not have to control the start of the player anymore, but you only need the left stick to aim. Various defensive maneuvers of the goalkeeper à la Jerzy Dudek are, of course, still possible.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

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The latest patch on the PTR was unearthed by the data, and a large wound appeared in Silithus. And Silithus and the ancient gods had a relationship, which also further let the next big version of the subject clear a lot.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  And this place of Silithus, in fact, before mentioned, Ai Xing warning scene in the bottom of An Qili.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  Yes, modeling the excavation and the injury of this Silithus, before we touch the soul of Azeroth, Azeroth’s warning scene is located next to the ruins of Andrilla, while the ruins of Anira , Just in Silithus. Now we see that Shilisus is eroded by the ancient gods so much a wound, and before we listen to Ai Xingxing soul of the place from the wound so close, can not help but make people think carefully … …

  Egg always go to the jailer seal after the total left after the three crystal, respectively, to the big malfe Mario, big sister Tai Lande, there is a to the feet male. Let us go to the eternal well, and then against the new dark forces.

  This version, whether it is the beginning of the Emerald Nightmare, or Ignatius whisper, or the recent Dalaran commotion, the end of the practice of strange pamphlets, as well as the vain forces in Agus’s ready, all show The next version to dry the void forces, and the last ancient god Enzosi.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  Enzos as the last ancient god, was sealed in the sea, before the version of many people think that there will be a copy of his submarine. But was delayed by Blizzard, it seems to be ready to do this version.

  The ancient version of the ancient island of the island, but was soon removed.
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Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  With the red shirt little fat speculation, before the PTR Kurilas equipment and maps, are also related to the sea. But PTR behind the patch to delete the things of Kurdish, a little here, the meaning of three hundred and two silver.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  And take a closer look at the upper left corner of Silithus’s injury, the emergence of a new island. In the official service on the map there is a sink on the island, but only some wild strange no content, but the Silithus wound on the line when the island floated up!

  The wound of Silithus:

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  Old Silithus:

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  Then the island is removed before the ancient god of the island, or Jaina has long been the hometown of Kurdishas? The

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  The shadow of Silithus looks like an entrance, and this floating island as a new stronghold of the feet, from the Xiliu Sisi injury into the face of the ancient world of 8.0, was emptied Ai Xing Lori Star body The

  Let’s take a look at Ignatius whisper now:

  * “The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.” (The child king serves the master, he will provide you with three lies)

  Child king 3 lie, is still uncertain.

  ”At the hour of her third death, she usher in our coming” (she brought us into the world at the third death.)

  A lot of people think this is to say again Sylvanas, and the next version of the designer said Sylvanas will have a lot of scenes. But now some people think that this is the soul of Azeroth, because Magny also confirmed that this is a little girl, and she was “dead” 2 times, once the Well of Eternity explosion, just new The text mentions the eternal well. There is also a fission of the earth. And the third time, Ai Xing died when Silithus appeared a big wound, took us into this “ancient god” of the world! The

  ”Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator.” (Flesh and blood is his gift, he is your creator)

  Flesh and blood curse, corresponding to the ancient gods.

  * “The king of diamonds has been made a pawn.” (King of diamonds is a pawn)

  Diamond King, is Magny. A piece of ancient gods Azeroth’s warning scene throughout the ancient gods of the monster, but he still let us go to Argus … … strange, the king of diamonds really been used?

  Our real enemy is not Sargeras, but the void power? The

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  ”Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path” (five keys to open our way. Five torches illuminate our future)

  Five keys, corresponding to the creation of the column, it was said that the corresponding five ancient gods.

  * “Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it.” (Her heart is a crater, we have filled it)

  Azeroth’s inner heart filled with ancient gods. Azeroth’s warning voice first sentence “her heart no longer beating”, maybe also refers to this.

  * “To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars.” (Want to find him, drown in the stars)

  Before many people thought it was in the stars to find Tu Yang Yang, but not. This one is said that the banner of the forces of Kurdie, the flag of Kurdish is a anchor among the stars.

Silithus injury guess: all clues to the ancient god Enzosi

  * “The lord of ravens will turn the key.” (King of Raven will turn the key)

  Khadgar’s latest voice leads us to the injury of Silithus.

  Touching the strange gods to Ai Xing small Luo Li just around the corner, is the time to defeat the last ancient god! (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Aaron Hernandez’s little girl sues NFL, Patriots after tests hint at extreme CTE

Aaron Hernandez’s little girl sues NFL, Patriots after tests hint at extreme CTE
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Aaron Hernandez’s legal counselor says test comes about recommend the previous football star hinted at separate ceaseless horrible encephalopathy, a degenerative mind illness.

CTE can be caused by rehashed head injury and prompts manifestations like rough emotional episodes, dejection and other psychological challenges.

Hernandez slaughtered himself in April in the prison cell where he was serving an existence without-the chance for further appeal sentence for a 2013 murder.

Tests led on the mind of previous football star Aaron Hernandez hinted at extreme the degenerative cerebrum sickness unending horrendous encephalopathy, and his lawyer said Thursday that the player’s girl is suing the NFL and the New England Patriots for persuading the game was protected.

In a news meeting at his workplaces, Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez said the testing indicated a standout amongst the most extreme cases at any point analyzed.

“We’re let it know was the most extreme case they had ever observed for somebody of Aaron’s age,” Baez said.

Dr. Ann McKee, the chief of the CTE Center at Boston University, inferred that the New England Patriots tight end had arrange 3 of 4 of the infection, and furthermore had early cerebrum decay and extensive apertures in a focal film.

The claim documented in government court in Boston on Thursday guarantees that the group and association denied Avielle Hernandez of the friendship of her dad. It is separate from a $1 billion settlement in which the group consented to pay groups of players who endured mind harm in view of rehashed head injury while playing football.

CTE can be caused by rehashed head injury and prompts indications like vicious emotional episodes, melancholy and other subjective troubles. Hernandez slaughtered himself in April in the correctional facility cell where he was serving an existence without-the chance for further appeal sentence for a 2013 murder. His demise came hours before the Patriots went to the White House to commend their most recent Super Bowl triumph.

CTE must be analyzed in a post-mortem examination. A current report discovered confirmation of the malady in 110 of 111 previous NFL players whose brains were analyzed.

CTE has been connected with rehashed blackouts and includes mind harm especially in the frontal area that controls many capacities including judgment, feeling, motivation control, social conduct and memory.
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A star for the University of Florida when it won the 2008 title, Hernandez dropped to the fourth round of the NFL draft on account of inconvenience in school that incorporated a fizzled medicate test and a bar brawl. His name had likewise come up in an examination concerning a shooting.

In three seasons with the Patriots, Hernandez joined Rob Gronkowski to shape a standout amongst the most strong tight end teams in NFL history. In 2011, his second season, Hernandez got 79 goes for 910 yards and seven touchdowns to enable the group to achieve the Super Bowl, and he was compensated with a $40 million contract.

Be that as it may, the Patriots discharged him in 2013, soon after he was captured in the slaughtering of semi-star football player Odin Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee. Hernandez was indicted and condemned to life in jail; the conviction was voided in light of the fact that he kicked the bucket before his interests were depleted, however that choice is itself being offered.

Seven days before his suicide, Hernandez was vindicated in the 2012 drive-by shootings of two men in Boston. Prosecutors had contended that Hernandez gunned the two men down after one incidentally spilled a drink on him in a dance club, and after that got a tattoo of a handgun and the words “God Forgives” to celebrate the wrongdoing. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 is available as a trial version with EA Access

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EA Access members can start downloading the 43.56GB of data required to run FIFA 18 on Xbox One. During 10 hours of play you will be able to try all the modes of play including the Career, FIFA Ultimate Team and season two of the adventures of Alex Hunter.

It will then wait until September 29 , when FIFA 18 will officially go out for everyone. You will of course keep your progress, unlock the successes during this trial period and you will receive a discount on the purchase of the title if it convinced you.

In 10 hours of play, what mode will you concentrate on? Ultimate Team to hope to enjoy the exorbitant prices of the beginning of the game? Or rather test the new transfer system in Career?

NBA 2K18 fixed on Xbox One to fight enormous glitch in MyCareer mode

BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 18: Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks looks on during the second half against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on January 18, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Knicks defeat the Celtics 117-106. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

2K Sports has recognized a genuine bug in NBA 2K18 that has wiped out movement, things and even virtual money in the diversion’s online MyCareer mode on Xbox One.

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The disclosure of the bug and a few tributes to it in the NBA 2K subreddit incited an announcement from a 2K Games agent prior today.

2K said a fix is going out “in a matter of hours” to settle these issues, which 2K recognized had made Xbox One players stay away from MyCareer so as not to lose in-diversion cash.

2K Sports’ Ronnie Singh, the substance of NBA 2K’s productive Twitter nearness, said prior this evening a fix had been affirmed and would be out before the day’s over.

Take after

Ronnie 2K 2K18 ✔@Ronnie2K

PS4/XB1 fix affirmed and discharging inside one hour from now. Only a heads up when you get that refresh. More data soon.

2:29 AM – Sep 19, 2017

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Twitter Ads information and security

Clients had grumbled of opening MyCareer and discovering everything gone and the character successfully reset — including the virtual apparel, signature movements and player identifications earned since NBA 2K18 propelled for pre-arrange clients on Friday.

This string contains a progression of updates clarifying what happened, cautioning Xbox One players to remain off MyCareer until the point when the fix took off. Players on different stages, including PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, ought to be OK.

The string said that spare records had been lost however that 2K Sports was recouping them by physically copying puts something aside for several client bolster tickets.

Official directions can help clients who have been influenced with seeing whether they have been influenced, finding a way to make sure it is the glitch and not some other issue, and how to document a help ticket if things or cash are lost. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: Overview of The Adventure – The Return of Alex Hunter

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If FIFA is today the absolute reference in the simulation of soccer, even sports, EA does not intend to rest on its laurels. It was already realized last year on FIFA 17 with the introduction of the new solo mode scripted: The Adventure. The players were able to meet the young Alex Hunter, a fictitious footballer who starts his promising career on the banks of the Premier League. His “adventure” of professional footballer will be as you probably know continued on FIFA 18.

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At the start of the game, we propose to start a new game or to continue the one initiated in FIFA 17. After a brief summary of the past events, you will immediately find Brazil where Alex takes advantage of his last day of vacation with his friend Williams.

The campaign is divided into five chapters, the first focusing on the preseason of Alex Hunter with his current club. You will then participate in a tournament in the USA, with a match against Real Madrid of Cristiano Ronaldo, the face of this FIFA 18. You will even be entitled to a short exchange between the two players, actor of the Portuguese champion will not remain in the annals, the rest of the cast, shines by his ease, notably Rio Ferdinand or the best scorer in the history of the French team, Thierry Henry.

The second chapter is a more extensive version of what you might have experienced in the demo. The Premier League starts and rumors of a possible transfer from Alex Hunter to Real Madrid are fast emerging. We will not spoil what happens afterwards, but we were surprised.

Alex will also be led to manage his extra-sportive and intimate life. The father, who has little presence in FIFA 17, will now play a more important role and unexpected developments are to be expected. Some choices will have to be made and will have an impact on the rest of the story. Those who appreciated the plot of the first season will certainly be conquered by this one.

FIFA 18 Goals # 1
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During your matches, you have three options: play by controlling the whole team, controlling only Alex, or playing a local co-op with a friend. In addition to the classical course of the meetings, additional objectives will be required, such as participating in a goal of a team-mate, making 10 passes etc. This list may change at half-time depending on the situation. In the event of a tie, for example, you may be required to score the goal of the win.

However, some clashes put you in a specific context, such as entering the field during a game with an already established score. These moments are accompanied by kinematics more frequent than in FIFA 17, which accentuates pleasantly the immersion.

FIFA 18 – Gamescom Trailer

We can also see a clear progression of graphics. Everything is much more realistic, there are more actors and characters and everything is better brought. From the stadiums to the locker room, to the Alex Hunter apartments, it’s just realistic. The whole favored by an excellent soundtrack.

The experience also includes some RPG elements. When you reach certain goals or pass a training session, the overall score of Alex Hunter will increase (it starts at 75). At each level, you can also assign points to skills and unlock certain abilities, thus shaping your player to measure.

To further customize, it is also possible to customize the look and appearance of the character for matches and his daily life. New options can be unlocked by fulfilling certain goals or thanks to the number of followers obtained on social networks. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

WoW: The artifact knowledge level 44 will be unlocked this week

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With the Artifact Knowledge System, you will be able to make the leveling of multiple artefacts easier in the World of Warcraft Legion expansion. This week, the next artifact knowledge level is automatically unlocked. Here you can read all the information!

To facilitate the leveling of the Endgame and Paragon talents, as well as the leveling of multiple artefacts for various specializations, the developers have implemented the artifact knowledge system in the current World of Warcraft Legion expansion , which gradually increases the artifact power yield for all artifact weapons ,

With Argus Update 7.3 , the maximum achievable artifact knowledge level was increased to 55 . Also, when you reach the maximum character level 110, you will automatically have a fixed artifact level , all three relics of your artefact weapon are activated, and you will no longer have to complete the quest line for the sacrificed coast to get the artifact traits beyond level 34.

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In Week 4 after the release of Patch 7.3, the artifact knowledge level for each character from level 110 is now set to 44 – this change is active on Wednesday from European servers. The artifact power bonus is then 35.150.000% .

In the table below, you can see how much artifact knowledge increases the bonus for Artifact Power items in the following weeks.

2018 NFL draft prospect watch: Plenty of RBs, OTs that can help Eagles next season

It’s just Week 2, but the debate over the Eagles’ running game is already in midseason form.

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With two veterans in Darren Sproles and LeGarrette Blount and a lot of uncertainty behind them, it’s worth taking a look at some of the running back prospects that could be available in 2018.

And while we’re on the subject of the running game and aging veterans, it’s never too early for the Eagles to start looking for their right tackle of the future. They’ll be in luck with this year’s class.

Let’s take a look at how those prospects fared.

Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State, senior (5-11/220)
If this kid wasn’t on the national radar already, he’s clearly put himself on there now. Donnel Pumphrey’s replacement shined once again, this time in the Aztecs’ 20-17 upset over Stanford. Penny rushed for 175 yards on 32 carries and a touchdown. Amazingly, this game knocked his yards per carry below 10. Penny now has 588 yards total in the first three games of the season. And it’s not just his numbers that are impressive. He has great size, speed and vision. He’s a sleeper… for now.

Bryce Love, RB, Stanford, junior (5-10/196)
Stanford’s loss can’t be pinned on Love who ran the ball 13 times for 184 yards and both Cardinal touchdowns. Unlike Penny, Love’s yards per carry is still over 10 at a ridiculous 12.2. He’s undersized but he’s crazy explosive. He hasn’t done much from a production standpoint in the passing game but this guy is a nightmare to tackle in space.

Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama, junior (6-2/235)
Scarbrough is a bruising back with unbelievable size and surprising speed. He wasn’t needed much in Alabama’s 41-23 win over Colorado State, but the junior back ran for 66 yards on 12 carries and a touchdown. Scarbrough has just 33 carries in the Crimson Tide’s first three games. I imagine that number goes up as Alabama’s schedule gets tougher.

Damien Harris, RB, Alabama, junior (5-11/221)
Harris isn’t as highly touted as Scarbrough but may be more intriguing. Harris carried the ball 11 times for 53 yards and a touchdown. He actually carried the load for most of the season last year, rushing for 1,040 yards and 7.2 yards a carry. Harris is more versatile and offers more in the passing game.

Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan, senior (6-6/330)
Okorafor is what you’d call a road grader. He’s big, strong and nasty. He’s spent the last two seasons as Western Michigan’s left tackle. For now, Okorafor is kind of a sleeper but could sneak up draft boards as the season goes on. Especially now that Texas tackle Connor Williams, arguably the best OT in college football, appears to be out for the season.

Trey Adams, OT, Washington, junior (6-8/327)
Luckily for a team like the Eagles that may be looking for a young tackle, there will plenty of them in this draft. The initial thing that stands out about Adams is his size, but he’s surprisingly nimble for such a large human. He does an excellent job getting to the second level and sealing off blocks. The only concern I’d have is the system Adams currently plays in. The Huskies’ offense is not a pro style and focuses on screens and creative ways to get the ball in the hands of some of their explosive playmakers. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 ratings: One point separates LeBron James, Kevin Durant from top spot

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NBA 2K18 ratings: One point separates LeBron James, Kevin Durant from top spot
With 2K18 out everybody wants to know who has the 10 highest ratings in the game. Here’s the list.
NBA 2K18 is out and players always dig into one of two areas first. They either jump straight into the “My Career” mode, or they go into the rosters and start forming the fantasy team of their dreams. This is where player ratings come in. While the numbers are arbitrary and don’t have much overall meaning, 2K ratings are a good gauge of what the video game franchise thinks of a player. Higher ratings technically mean better players.
With that in mind, here are the 12 players with the highest ratings in the game. Usual suspects like LeBron James sit at the top, but the bottom is where it gets interesting.
LeBron James
Kevin Durant
James Harden
Kawhi Leonard
Anthony Davis
Russell Westbrook
Stephen Curry
Demarcus Cousins
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Chris Paul
Paul George
Karl-Anthony Towns
It’ll be hard to find many people that disagree with James having the highest rating followed by Kevin Durant. However, there are a few interesting names on this list.
DeMarcus Cousins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Anthony Davis have all earned top ratings and clearly there is a strong belief that their individual talent has exceeded their team’s success. Towns in particular is only in his third season, but he’s already leading his team in 2K rating.
Paul George and Giannis Antetokounmpo beat out guys like Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, and John Wall to get his spot, but only by one spot as all of those guys have a 90 overall rating. Meanwhile, Chris Paul is still considered a top-three point guard in the game with his 91 overall rating and that might be a little controversial since he’s 32.
The ratings themselves aren’t perfect, but this is a fine top of the list that can be adjusted as the season goes on. It will be interesting to see if players like Towns and Antetokounmpo are able to keep their ratings as high as they are or if an established star like Butler or Wall will overtake them later in the season. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

VIDEO: Viral Demo Footage Shows How Tough It’ll Be to Land Ronaldo & Messi in FIFA 18

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Can you feel the excitement in the air yet? FIFA 18 is only one week away from being released, and fans are gearing up for a weekend full of smashing their mates in online multiplayer.

For those of a more ‘single player’ persuasion, there’s still loads on offer, as per usual, from EA Sports’ critically acclaimed video game franchise including the chance to make your beloved club the best team in the world.

And what do you need to become the biggest club in world football? Only the best players of course. So how do you go about signing, say, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? We’re glad you asked:

Youtuber Mgh’s video about negotiating with the two megastars in the recently released FIFA 18 demo went viral over the weekend as fans ran the rule over just how difficult it is to land them in game.

The verdict? Not so hard, providing you have the money to afford them. Unsurprisingly, Ronaldo – front and centre of FIFA 18 – proves to be the more difficult to prise away but, offer the right cash and wages, and you’ll nab yourself the Real superstar with a click of the fingers! (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)