NFL: Tom Brady raises New England

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New England, dominated last weekend at the opening of the National Football League (NFL) season by Kansas City (42-27), departed from the front by defeating New Orleans 36 to 20 thanks to his quarterback Tom Brady.

For the first time in his NFL career, Brady, 40, had three touchdown passes in the first quarter. Under his leadership, the Patriots scored 30 points before regaining the locker room and were 17 points ahead of the break.
Brady finished the game with 19 passes on 25 attempts for a total win of 447 yards. The only win for the winners of the last Super Bowl, the injured exit, at the end of the match Rob Gronkowski who missed most of the 2016 season. Kansas City confirmed his prestigious success against New England by beating Philadelphia27 to 20.
Pittsburgh also secured a second victory against Minnesota (26-9) with two touchdown passes before picking up his iconic quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.
Beaten at home by Jacksonville on the inaugural day, the Houston Texans recovered by dominating the Cincinnati Bengals (13-9) on their lawn. The Texans were able to count on their quarterback, Deshaun Watson. The 22-year-old rookie was rather sober at the pass (15/24 for 125 yards) but he scored the only touchdown of the game on a 49-yard course by escaping no fewer than six Bengals defenders. As the icing on the cake, Watson celebrated his birthday on Thursday! (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 encounters corrupted backup problems

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NBA 2K18 has no more to everyone at its release when players realized that the game required 5GB of free space for its backups on Switch. Unfortunately for 2K this is not the only problem.
Unlike Destiny 2 and its almost perfect launch , NBA 2K18 is rowing on Switch . The game encounters very big technical problems which could well darken its exit. Indeed, many users are full of a problem related to backups. The first being a big problem of space optimization, with nearly 5GB of free space for backup data on Nintendo Switch. The poor man did not ask so much with her 32 GB of free space. Of course, this implies that NBA 2K18 requires an SD card to be installed . However, the gluttony of NBA 2K18is not the only problem encountered by players who have to deal with corrupt backup data. Because in addition to being cumbersome, they do not work. A patch patch is being developed by 2K .

NBA 2K18 Switch
The problem could have been minor if only a few players were concerned. Only the problem affects almost everyone and affects all platforms.
Players report on reddit a lot of corrupted backup data, or even lost. A real problem in the MyCare mode, because you will not necessarily achieve the same feats twice in a row. It seems that part of the problem is due to the fact that ” the error automatically replaces the corrupted file, so that data that does not reside on the online servers is lost . ”

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From today’s free sale for the Derby in Münster

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Osnabrück. VfL Osnabrück will be focusing on the Derby at SV Meppen on Wednesday. The fans of the Lila-Whites also have a look at the next away derby on September 30th in Münster. This Tuesday, the free sale for the game starts with the Prussians.
Wednesday in Meppen: For the first time since the year 2000, a duel between SV Meppen and VfL Osnabrück is again on points. We have looked at the moving history of the charming Derby. The fact that the 25th match is scheduled to take place in a point game on Wednesday is just one of many interesting aspects. Coach Joe Enochs, who on Monday, apart from the long-term injured Christian Bickel, Alexander Dercho and Bastian Schulz as well as the ill Konstantin Engel welcomed all players at the training, begs again on this Tuesday at 15 clock before the team travels to Emsland , Even if the video game “Fifa 18” is not yet available commercially,we have already made the virtual power comparison before the derby.
Advance sales for Münster-partie: VfL-members and permanent card owners were allowed to use their preemption right until Monday, the free sale starts on this Tuesday. In the Fanshop at the Bremer Brücke, there are about 250 stand-up tickets available for the game on 30 September.
Everything about the 3rd League: Which players are injured and what else is happening at VfL Osnabrück and its competitors? Latest news from the 3rd league can be found here on the NOZ-themed page .

Date for the DFB Cup match: The VfL will receive 1. FC Nürnberg in the second DFB-Pokalrunde.
Tickets for the DFB Cup: In the second round of the DFB Cup, the VfL will receive 1. FC Nürnberg from the 2. Bundesliga on Wednesday, October 25 (18.30). The preemption phase for permanent cardholders, members of the crowd and Crowdfunder has expired last Saturday. Around 6500 tickets were given to the fans. In addition, the FCN has received 1700 cards. The free sale in Osnabrück starts on Thursday 21 September.

The next league dates:
Wednesday, September 20, 6.30 pm: SV Meppen – VfL
Saturday, September 23, 2 pm: VfL – Würzburger Kickers
VfL-Fanshop at the Bremer Brücke: The shop is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Does the game have to be repeated against Cologne?

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The black and yellow soccer world seemed to be completely immersed in a wonderful pink. The pros of Borussia Dortmund danced and bounced after the final whistle in front of their own fans. With a 5: 0 (2-0) win against the league’s last 1. FC Cologne BVB had joyfully shot back to the top of the Bundesliga. But gradually the reality broke through the sky. And the duel went verbally into the next round. In the main roles: Cologne’s sports director Jörg Schmadtke and Dortmund’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke.

BVB – Cologne
17 September 2017

The source of the disagreements was that second in the stoppage time of the first half. At one corner Cologne goalkeeper Timo Horn dropped the ball, which had just been lifted from the air, and Dortmund’s defense, Sokratis, struck him from five meters across the line. Referee Patrick Ittrich, however, saw the keeper wrongly attacked and whistled the scene before. However, he was corrected by videotape. No foul on Horn, regular goal. With 2: 0 it went into the break.

But one detail ensured that a replay is now conceivable. The FC are concerned that ittrich already proved whistling when the ball was not at all in the goal. This means that the hit, on whose legitimacy the video referee judged then, had, strictly speaking, did not exist. Phantom Gate or what?

Schmadtke, sport director, announces protest

“We have a crass mistake here, which decided the game, because we had to open up in the second half.” The video-referee could not have intervened, “the sports director said,” I advise that not everyone we will not release the game report and, of course, protest, we are aiming at a new set-up of the game. ” This gave this part a late, hardly conceivable turn, which was sporty outside the conceivable. Because BVB determined the happenings on the pitch, produced with increasing duration of the game opportunities and goals.

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Yes, in any case
No, the scene was not play-making

But the legality of this third league victory will probably be a sports court. The BVB boss, Watzke, was completely disappointed. “If the Cologne now protest, then they are bad losers, it would be grotesque if the success would have been the Cologne with ten men before their own sixteener and shot twice on the gate. It is irrelevant whether the ball was now on, on or behind the line.

Similar case with game between 1860 Munich and Karlsruher SC

It is a delicate case. A similar one had already existed. In 1997, referee Michael Malbranc interrupted the match between 1860 Munich and the Karlsruher SC because of a foul. Seconds later Karlsruher striker Sean Dundee met 2-2 – and Malbranc let the hit apply. The German Football Association ordered a repeat play, and the Fifa World Federation took up the decision shortly afterwards with the reference to a fact-finding decision. As the new case is now stored, it will be shown. Peter Stöger, who wants to learn from the protest, “is the judge when he is allowed to intervene, when it is too late and when it is too early, which would be very helpful.”

After all, the video can also function silently. A hand play by Lukas Klünter was later punished, Aubameyang made the lead by Maximilian Philipp (2) and Sokratis (45) by penalty (58). And the other two goals by again Aubameyang and a splendid Lupfer from Philipp (69th) were clearly legitimate, which the Dortmund crowd enthusiastically. Especially since Julian Weigl, who had been paused for the last four months, had to return to the Bundesliga. But the joy lasted until the final whistle. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Madden NFL 18

there are two or three ways you can run with a survey of a yearly game sim. You can take a gander at it at confront esteem, say what you like, what you don’t care for, contrasting it with recreations thumping around at the time. The other route is to recognize that it’s only one more discharge in a not insignificant rundown of them; you set it up against last year’s emphasis, go through the rundown of new highlights advanced by the distributor, and check whether it merits getting two years consecutively.

All in all, what’s new this year? Is it worth getting two years in succession?

Right off the bat, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has been extended. The card-based group developer now incorporates considerable arrangements of short difficulties, and also full diversions you can finish to procure and redesign some of the football’s best players. make your coins provider, they are known for their cheap Madden 18 Coins and fast delivery.You’re not quite recently bolted into winning packs that have a moment possibility of containing a decent player or spending a silly measure of genuine cash on J Watt. Regardless of the possibility that everybody has a similar chance to get, and update Kellen Winslow, at any rate now, it feels like you can crush your way to a sensibly focused group.

MUT additionally incorporates Squads. With MUT Squads you can consolidate your list with up to two companions. Each of you can lead either the barrier, offense, or play the part of the head mentor, to play 3v3 online matches. In the past, MUT has felt somewhat lite. In any case, this year there is sufficient there to give you some expectation against those gamers with their overwhelmed online lists.

In case you’re taking a gander at gameplay changes, the principle expansion is focused on passing. The Target Passing component gives you a chance to lead the collector far from his allotted course, and ideally far from the scope. It’s hard. Continuously you tap the trigger, your QB is secured in the pocket with no possibility of maintaining a strategic distance from protective players, and two markers show up in from of your essential collector. One is his anticipated course, the other is the place you will toss the ball. The trap obviously is to discard the ball sufficiently far for him to evade the protectors, however sufficiently close so he can, in any case, go get it. Good fortunes with that.

There are additionally a lot of web based diversion modes to provoke you and your group. The brisk amusement choice will set up a match in seconds. I had no slack, no holding up, and no genuine reasons for when I got completely crushed. On the other hand, Madden Ultimate Team is stuffed with diversion modes. You can contend no holds barred, or in multiplayer matches, play seasons, knockout competitions, and end of the week groups. When you and your group are adequate, you can enlist to contend in the MUT Champions world class.

In any case, in case you’re a mortal, and not prepared to go up against the experts on the world stage, the amusement gets it. Like the current MLB and F1 discharges, Madden NFL 18 has tried to ease new players in. There are still all the plays, playbooks, and players that give profound and complex gameplay to devotees of the establishment, yet there are sufficient preparing and practice modes – alongside an agreeable trouble bend – that will permit new players a lot of time to get the hang of everything.

On the off chance that Madden NFL 18 has done anything, it has attempted to break out of the container. The diversion is still there, with the going with a rundown of new highlights, up and coming programs, and profound gameplay, but on the other hand there’s Longshot. Longshot is extraordinary. It isn’t a profession mode, with a couple of broadened cut-scenes and a few self-assertive decisions, it’s a long motion picture with Mahershala Ali, Dan Marino, and a couple of gaming challenges sprinkled in.

I’m not so much beyond any doubt how I feel about Longshot. Regardless, it feels completely new. Anything that feels new in a game sim must be given credit.NFL 18 coins for sale at the best online coins seller. The issue is, it’s a football motion picture, so you need to contrast it with Any Given Sunday, or The Blindside, or Remember the Titans. On the off chance that you do that, it doesn’t hit the check. It’s a bit excessively hokey, a bit excessively self-evident, somewhat finished the-top “Hoorah USA.” But I was interested, and at last appreciated the experience.

Longshot additionally goes about as somewhat of a preparation mission. Not exclusively do you need to finish RTE’s and beat diversion circumstances to propel the story, it likewise showed me how to call a play. While you can come up short the difficulties, the fundamental impact this has is on the review your player winds up with toward the finish of the story. This is fun since you can include the characters from Longshot to your programs in Madden Ultimate Team.

Things being what they are, is it worth purchasing two years consecutively? The appropriate response is likely somewhat of a cop-out. No, it’s definitely not. Be that as it may, this is simply because every year discharged games sims never are. However, – and this is a major “yet” – Longshot is extraordinary, and it’s an ordeal worth having. MUT has never been all the more captivating, while online is pressed with modes and runs extraordinarily. MADDEN has never been friendlier to new players, and, who knows? Like me, you may discover some new information about football.

NBA history, the most able to engage in a large! 13 moves to see the shadow of real skill

on September 14, filed O’Neill, what would you think of? Buckle the basket, imposing octahedral, big shark, or funny people? Want to see O’Neill’s most funny clips so far? Together to pick up a Pa.

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  He spent his last career in the Celtics, was already 38-year-old O’Neill was even a little brother bullying, it looks really is too poor: caught off guard to the people to ride buckle ah!

  But the result is how you can not think, O’Neill even with shoes sticks to engage in things,. O’Neill: Wrong? Did you tell me wrong? Engage in: ah! I was wrong, I was wrong! Royal mercy. The The

In our memory, O’Neill’s penalty is usually the case, three non-stick is a very normal thing, but after he retired, he actually won the Barkley!
  In our memory, O’Neill’s penalty is usually the case, three non-stick is a very normal thing, but after he retired, he actually won the Barkley!

  This more than 40-year-old old man actually had to Joseph to the audience to an improvised dance, this dance is not more than the time and James jump that period more interesting? The No, are you sure it is dancing? The

  2005 Denver All-Star, in the locker room, O’Neill will be converted into a phone bag, this time to become a classic classic treasure. Hey, this pair of shoes can also shine, and can not help laughing Kevin Garnett.
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  In the Suns, O’Neill will play his funny talent to the best, even in the regular season, he will not miss their own performances. After a flight to save the ball, he could have stopped his lovely heavy body, but he was fluttering to the audience Xi ran, the 300 pounds of big fat man thump, VIP audience really is not

  Too happy! See the uncle who despise it?

However, when a game, O’Neill also want to rejuvenate, the audience has made such a reaction, which makes it very difficult for the Austrian fat na. The The
  However, when a game, O’Neill also want to rejuvenate, the audience has made such a reaction, which makes it very difficult for the Austrian fat na. The The

In the Celtic period, O’Neill has entered his career in his later years, but watching the junior also want to cover in front of their own, Olivine, of course, say no!
  In the Celtic period, O’Neill has entered his career in his later years, but watching the junior also want to cover in front of their own, Olivine, of course, say no!

This is not the focus, the focus is, look at the audience’s response. The The
  This is not the focus, the focus is, look at the audience’s response. The The

  O’Neill has also played in the course of the game so interesting picture, Nate – Robinson’s height is 175cm, O’Neill’s height is 216cm, and O’Neill’s weight is equivalent to Nate – Robinson twice. The results of small potatoes even dare to move in front of the shark, high jump, the teammate had wanted to pass to the shark ball down.

  As a result, the shark even clinging to small potatoes: my dear, do not move too old on the head Although you are the third slam dunk champion, but I can not let you succeed! Jump high, or can not escape my palm!

  In the NBA players, who is China through it? The answer is of course O’Neill! He and Barkley often Competition, but O’Neill is always able to win, this time, the two guess how Allen – Brooks is the club for which China, Barkley is just written on the Chinese club, and O’Neill has held high Guangdong Hongyuan Of the brand, and while running while laughing, ah ha ha, you do not understand Chinese, but I understand! Here the Chinese fans should have applause! The The

  Because of their own in China to learn a few strokes martial arts routine, O’Neill in actual combat can prevail, such as this time by the companion from the back of the attack, O’Neill a Jiling to the other side on the sofa, just want to tell you that Chinese martial arts profound Na! (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

[NFL war report] Korean players lost equal to kill the wild horse home win over lightning

Beijing time on September 12, NFL2017-18 season the first week of the last game started in the Denver plateau. The brigade in the fourth quarter ahead of the case of 17 points, almost suffered (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
a reversal, the lightning team Korean football player bowed the free kick was blocked, lightning team regret to 21-24 lost the first game of the season.
The first section of the game, the Broncos took the lead to find the offensive state, Simian connection Fuller completed 5 yards catch the touchdowns. At the end of this section, the lightning team pushed the ball into the red area of ​​the Mustang.
The opening of the second quarter, Melvin – Gordon from the defensive position to the rear of the defensive line, get rid of security guards, to complete the ball, and in a forward somersault posture beyond the last line of defense, the score equalizer. In the middle of this section, the Mustang uses an abandoned kickback attack to obtain an excellent offensive starting position. Simian in the lightning 1-yard line fake delivery, his smart ran into the array area, 7-14, Mustang again lead. Halftime before the last wave of the Mustang did not get effective advance, the Broncos leading into the second half.
The third quarter of the game, the lightning team took the lead attack, but Rivers in the red pressure in the midline near the sent steals. The connection between Simian and Fuller completes touchdowns again, 7-21. Lightning team was 3 & Out, the Mustang chase, although a file 1 yards score did not harvest touchdowns, but McManus in the third quarter before the end of the free kick will be widened to three ball gap, 7-24 The
The first section of the lightning on a 4 file 1 code strong beat, almost ruined the game, but Simian turned to send out of steals, lightning with the river and the base – Allen connection pull back a touchdown, 14-24. At this time the wild horse even mistakes, Jamal – Charles off the ball by the lightning team Hayward picked up. Lightning team from the wild horse 38 yards began to attack, Rivers direct a long pass to the hands of Benjamin, 21-24, suspense reborn, the game left 7 minutes. Mustang attack again mistakes, McManus 50 yards free kick missed. Lightning in the last 2 minutes to get back the ball, but the Korean football player in the final field by the wild horse suspended interference, the second free kick to try to be covered. Mustang in the home thrilling to 24-21 won the opener. (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Data, the Mustang quarterback Simeon 28 to get 219 yards and 2 touchdowns and a steals, 6 red ball push 19 yards and a touchdown; lightning, Rivers 33 22 to get 192 yards 3 touchdowns 1 steals, running back Melvin – Gordon 18 red ball to get 54 yards, 5 times the ball to get 25 yards a touchdowns.

Let love come again! If you want to play again World of Warcraft

If love can come again, for us once again rehearsal, whether you are still looking at the endless sea of ​​silly children; if love can come again, dream of the Earth Age, you are willing to do that is ridiculed little white. …
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Time, such as water, the sun and the moon flies, feel, 16 years ago, the moment, Blizzard announced that the section called ” World of Warcraft ” online games, but when it came to the mainland is the 2005 thing La! Who would not have thought of a myth would be so born, then Jiucheng is full of pockets, have to say that the success of Warcraft is enviable! But its success is no accident, enough to use “Blizzard produced will be fine” to describe it, laughing, World of Warcraft players will not forget the year of laughter!

From the wind and water to the situation changes, but WLK and CTM version is not separated after a long time, the snow is intoxicated the mainland, but the earth’s fissure but it is a loss. Change, everything is changing, from the slow pace to the fast food era, has changed is not just a single World of Warcraft, is the human heart and then change, is the rhythm of the whole society are changing!

However, forget the fortress of the fortress of the dock, but can not forget the year Ogrimmar’s broken house rotten house; forget the artifact of the beautiful light, but forget that piece called “silver scales breastplate” garbage equipment … … memory is always the case, if there is no past bitter, how can today have a wide variety!


Every new version is a large collection of innovative, artifacts, world tasks, big secret, professional hall and so on, and the picture quality continues to improve, the simulation feels stronger and stronger, and the client is growing … .. more than feeling, how can think of the year of Warcraft only 5 G size it … …

Look at the present, many players have asked Blizzard open nostalgic service, just to revisit the classic past, the first time the dream, the first feeling was so beautiful, but then maybe we do not know the treasure.

Stranglethorn Vale is still, but the rain is a little cool;

Feralas is still there, but the rainforest will lose heat;

Sierra also, but only the ruins of the ruins;

Azshara still, but can not find the blue dragon figure;

Storm City is still, do not feel too much destined too much;

Ironforge is still, for a time no sea of ​​the sea;

Dark city still, the Queen’s image is no longer explicit;

Thunder Bluff still, lost the past furious task … …

Changed too much, become more prosperous, but the loss is too much, do not find the feeling of the past!


If, if the great Titan give you a chance to re-play World of Warcraft, you will say how many? But if this does not exist, the reality is often cruel, the past is like a thousand years, Azeroth, at least we have been to.

From Delano to Agus, do not know how many times through the crossing, but in the end will return to Azeroth, Azeroth so much Jiao, only cited numerous players competing waist! Fenghuazhengmao, deserted Fang Qiu, all to carry on, but ashes, at least memory survived, only know if there is no, but memories are good after all!

Mountains and rivers broken, dream of the year, I feel like a pair of tempered white grandfather, flying in Agus night sky, could not bear feeling: World of Warcraft, let love come again! (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 – PC requirements announced

In a few days, Fifa 18 will be released for the PC. For those who want to play the football simulation on the PC, PC requirements are especially important. Because everyone wants to get the best out of the game and wants to know if his PC is suitable. Nu, EA announced the requirements to release the demos of the game on time. These are as follows:
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Minimum system requirements (DirectX 12)

OS: Windows 10 – 64-bit
CPU: Intel i3 6300T – Intel i3 4340 – Intel i3 4350 – AMD Athlon X4 870K – AMD FX-4350 – AMD FX-4330
Graphics Cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB – AMD Radeon RX 460 / R9 270 / R7 370
Recommended configuration (DirectX 12)

OS: Windows 10 – 64-bit
CPU: Intel i3 6300T – Intel i3 4340 – Intel i3 4350 – AMD Athlon X4 870K – AMD FX-4350 – FX-4330
Graphics cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
Minimum system requirements (DirectX 11)

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 – 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz
Graphics cards: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD Radeon R7 260
Recommended configuration (DirectX 11)
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OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 – 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-3550K @ 3.40GHz or AMD FX 8150 @ 3.6GHz
Graphics cards: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
Fifa 18 will be released on 29.09.2018 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Tropical storm Irma powers Madden NFL studio to seek shelter, online administrations could be influenced

Infuriated NFL 18 diversions studio, EA Tiburon, have cautioned that online administrations could be influenced because of the effect of Hurricane Irma this end of the week. Madden coins store stand by your site during these difficult time.

Some EA Sports games content could be affect by Hurricane IrmaEA

The authority Madden Ultimate Team Twitter page has affirmed that while they would like to keep administrations on the web, this current end of the week’s overwhelming Hurricane Irma effect could mean an adjustment in content.

“Our conciliatory sentiments ahead of time for any substantial changes. We will do our best to keep benefits up amid Irma as it impacts our central command.

EA Sports Madden NFL 18 build, Karen Stevens uncovered that the studio group is seeking shelter, with ordinary working hours influenced until in any event Tuesday.

“EA Tiburon studio is seeking shelter from the tropical storm, Irma, beginning tomorrow at 6 pm. We’ll ideally have returned to ordinary working hours 9/12.”

There have been no reports of blackouts for the most recent Madden title, while the studio’s next title, NBA 2K18, won’t touch base until September 15.

Be that as it may, the NBA 2K18 Prelude discharge is live, which means fans would now be able to download the demo on PS4 and Xbox One.

The download estimate is around 11.76 GB and offers an essence of what’s to come in the not so distant future. wishes you a quick recovery from the storm you when through!

Tropical storm Irma, the deadliest up until now, has slaughtered no less than 25 individuals and left hundreds more harmed in the Caribbean.

In an announcement, the National Hurricane Center cautioned routinely dry regions in the Florida Keys and the state’s west drift would be overwhelmed by the surge as Irma edges nearer to the mainland US.

The NHC included: “The most profound water will happen along the prompt drift in territories of inland breezes, where the surge will be joined by expensive and ruinous waves.